Service Options Otto can create for you...

Online Appointment System

  • Have your clients book their own appointments
  • Get a text notification with the client's info
  • Have the booked appointment sync on all your calendars
  • Send appointment information to a spreadsheet to create your own email/contact list.
  • Allow clients to reschedule on their own without contacting you.

E-commerce Notification Solution 

  • Have a landing page online to sell your product
  • Get a notification every time your product sells
  • Send all order information to a spreadsheet to keep proper records.
  • Notify your fulfillment center of a sale.

Client Examples

Masala Blends
Online sales page - Single Item Product

Altier Your Fitness
Personal Fitness Trainer - Appointment Booking Landing Page
Photography by: Ottomate Me

Otto and I go WAY back!

For the past 15 years, I have programmed an automated system for each business I've owned. From sales funnels, drip email marketing, automated online booking systems, auto text notifications, calendar syncing, online sales notifications, etc... each system was unique in how it functioned and interacted with all the other systems in place. Not one company offered everything under one roof.

Do you need to automate specific areas of your workflow?
How will you know which third party companies to bring in?

Will you waste money and time tossing between this online service and that online service to find that there were better options in the first place?

Why not simply do it right the first time?

Allow my mate, Otto, to create a system that is unique to your business in half the time it would take most people to set it up.


Most of our services are provided remotely, so feel free to reach out to us via email, text, contact form (link below) or even Facebook messenger.

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